June 25, 2018

Will Keto Diet Help To Deal With Infertility Issues?

Are you eager to bring a new life to the earth? At this stage, understanding what to eat to increase your fertility will be confusing. Of course, the web has a lot of information to confuse you. So, the best thing you can do is to listen to your body. It is you, who should identify what works the best for you.

What makes the best diet for you?

As you look for ways to boost your fertility through diet, experts suggest the following. They suggest that nearly 5% of your calories should come from carbohydrates. Further, they suggest that you should get at least 20% of calories from protein. The rest should come from good fats. This type of diet plan will improve your fertility. Further, this diet plan will help you normalize your weight as well.

When you take foods in the ratio mentioned above, you can boost your fertility. This idea will particularly work if you have PCOS, and other fertility issues.

Have you heard about ketosis?

Ketosis is a situation when your body undergoes a normal way of processing what you ate. Your brain can use only a couple of things as energy. The first is glucose and the second is ketones. Here, the latter is made from metabolizing protein or fat into energy. This is the normal function of the human body. But, in the present days, many people have metabolic issues. These issues prevent them from losing weight in a consistent manner. It can be highly frustrating when you do everything right, but could not lose weight. Whenever you consume high carbohydrate foods, you provide your body with high energy. But, your body rightly knows that it does not need that much energy. So, it stores the excess as fat stores.

When you take keto diet, you will start monitoring your feeds. Your body will find that it needs more energy as compared to what you provide. As it does not get it from the foods, the body will search for other sources of energy. When this happens, your body will turn the stored fats into stored energy. In turn, the fat content in your body will reduce.

Ketosis is when your body has run out of stored sugar and glucose. In this case, the body will burn the fat and protein for the energy needs. A by-product of breaking down the fat in the absence of sugar is chemically called as Ketones. When you eat low carb and high fat, your body will use stored fats. It happens because of the ketosis process. Recently, it is gaining popularity as the keto diet.

Ketones are safe and they are natural. You should not confuse it with ketoacidosis. It is a deadly condition experienced by diabetes patients. It happens when their glucose levels get too high. a ketosis diet will be the ideal choice if you are a diabetic. When you lower your carb consumption, you can support the balance of insulin in your blood. This diet will help you with avoiding sugar crashes and spikes. The same rule holds if you suffer from PCOS as well. The reason for the suitability of this diet for PCOS is its effect on insulin. To reverse PCOS symptoms, this diet will support the balance of hormones and insulin.

Not just for these two issues, ketogenic diet weight loss is also the best choice. Excess weight, PCOS, and diabetes are three major causes of infertility. As they can be addressed with this diet, it will help with improving your fertility. Further, it will address your concerns to heart and gut health. Even, it is effective in addressing IBS as well. Further, it will help with skin issues like acne by balancing hormones.

What is Keto Diet?

With all these things known, you now have an overview of this diet. Yes, you are right. It is the low-carb and high-fat diet. You will have to eat low carbs and high good fat when you follow it. The perfect balance as experts say is 75% of calories from Good Fats, 20 from proteins and just 5 from Carbs. It is true that carbs are discouraged in this diet. But, they are not completely eliminated.

As a beginner, you might be wondering how to know whether you are on the right track. The signs given below will indicate that you are on the right track:

Weight loss: The initial thing you will notice is weight loss. Of course, this is the outcome you expected, isn’t? In the first week, you are likely to hit the best weight loss. It is an indication that you are following the diet rightly. But, remember that you should not compare your weight loss with others. Each body is different.

Increased energy levels: When you start the ketosis diet, you will realize that your energy levels improve. You will experience a consistent increase in the energy levels and not short bursts. Further, you will become more focused and will arrive at quick decisions. You will never feel tired. The reason is that you fuel your body with the foods that make the right sense.

Loss of hunger: As you are taking fatty foods in keto diet, you will never feel hunger.

Which foods to take and which to avoid?

Foods to Take in Keto Diet Foods Not To Take
Salads Grains
Healthy oils Alcohol
Butter, cheese, and cream Sugar
Eggs Root vegetables
Nuts and seeds Foods with less fat
Vegetables – Green is the best
Fish and meat



Are you are planning for a healthy lifestyle? Do you wish to increase the chances of your fertility? Then, the ketosis weight loss is the first step. This diet will encourage your body to use stored fats to bring down the weight. Further, it will control your insulin and hormones as well.

You should remember that the foods you take will have a great impact on your fertility levels. Let your dream of conceiving a baby get to reality with the healthy lifestyle! Also look into buying some CBD oil for better overall results. HerbMighty released a great Buyer’s Guide for the best CBD oils in 2019. Check it out!

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